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Weloki Pimps and Hos

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August 24th, 2005

simplromance @ 09:16 pm: Weloki rules! So do I! YAYYYYYYYYYYY! <3 Whitney Forty Faith Fink

October 24th, 2004

exoskeletalrat @ 04:10 pm: go cardinals
so the past three weeks have been great for me. first of all, the baseball playoffs have been going on and we all know how happy i am that the cardinals are in the world series. i even got to go to game seven of the NLCS and it was absolutely the most incredible thing i have ever done in my life. i actually cried when they won. i was so happy and i knew they could do it and now that they are playing my other favorite team in the world series, life is good. i just hope that i dont go through some post pardum depression or anything after the playoffs are over. i really want the Cardinals to win, but if they dont, meh, at least the yankees didnt beat them. i started working at hope montesorri about five weeks ago now. i love my job a whole lot. within two and a half weeks they made me full time and put me permenantely in the kindergarten class room which is fun. i really love those kids. theyre all so amazing. im hoping they ask me to go through the montesorri training so i couold be a certified montessori teacher. then i would get paid more and when i move, i could go anywhere and get a sweet ass teaching job. teaching is so great. i feel really blessed that i can be a part of these kids lives and constantly be in service. thats the one thing i always missed when i wasnt at camp. my other jobs have been fine, but it was never satisfying because i wasnt really in service. i think for me to survive this world, i have to be in service. there is just something about giving that i love so much.

so i was looking for some old baseball stuff i had and i came across my love note bag from when my very first summer camp at weloki. as i was reading these love notes, it was so great to see what people told me about myself when i was 19 and not so crazy. i think it was terri garneau (who i love so much by the way) who told me that i had this really calm peaceful aura that really made people want to be around me. at that time, i didnt really even knew what that meant, i mean i knew i was pretty peaceful and stuff, but i never realized that i was the way i was. i just was. and thats really how ive been feeling lately.

not a whole lot of stuff bothers me, i dont get as depressed as i used to. things are going good and stuff's pretty normal. for me, normalcy is an oxymoron.

over the past few years with all the crazy things i have put myself through, ive realized a lot about myself and what it actually means to be me. i love myself again finally, i love everything i see and thats the way i used to be, when terri garneau wrote that note to me. things have been really going well and i thank God that through all of the things that have happened, i have survived and persevered and made it through this into a once again enlightened state of being. i love walking around and noticing everything as an act of God and i can assure you that when you walk around and see everything as if your eyes are actually God's eyes, you will start seeing things in a different, more brilliant, beautiful, more loving way. thats the way i have to do my life, for if i dont, i dont make it to the next day. i had to succumb to His way, and His way is my only way. there is no point in being frustrated and upset about stuff. there is no point in loving the mistakes and seeing them as challenges and opportunities for growth, there is no point (for me at least) in not loving everything i see, feel, think, act, and do. you see to me, there is no point. i have to think like this and now, because of my experiences, i feel i am one step closer to accomplishing my every dream. because i now know, that there is nothing in my way, and i am my creator, as he is in me.

i guess what i need to do is go to UYO or something. i have the basic things i need down, but i really want guidance and i want everything outlined for me a little better. ive been working too hard to let this be bothersome. i want it to be fun and easy, not questionable and scary.

go cardinals. or red sox. i dont really care who wins. im just a baseball fan right now. :)

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October 1st, 2004

simplromance @ 08:38 pm: Well I thought i would post even though no one has in a while so I am not sure if people still read this but I am very excited because I became an aunt yesterday when my niece Alix Josephine Gable was born. This is very exciting for me shes perfect and I thought I would share that with everyone!


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September 17th, 2004

lindslou @ 02:54 pm: Teen Weekend
I'm loving that people are using this message board. Anyway I survived the outskirts of Frances and Ivan with only one 8 hour power outage, a few detours, lots and lots of traffic, and some wet clothes. Yesterday during a really bad Ivan storm it was bad enough that I even decided to go ahead and use an umbrella. I am very anti-umbrella. Anyway it turns out my emergency use car umbrella is broken and it won't stay popped up, further confirming my thought that umbrellas suck. All of the school districts surrounding my college, plus a bunch of the other colleges are closed today because of all the flooding, knocked down trees, and downed power lines, but of course not my school. So I had class bright and early this morning. After school I went to Target to purchase some black socks to go with my lovely Wolfgang Puck Express work uniform (my first serving job, and I didn't even have to lie to get it) of course Target being Target I ended up spending $50 on miscellaneous items, that I just had to have. Upon arriving back home I went to check my email and discovered that I could fly to St. Louis and do the teen weekend for $153.40, and I was like hell yeah! I purchased my plane tickets and now I'm on here letting y'all know that I will in fact be attending the Teen Weekend Dec. 3-5 (Happy Birthday Randy/RC on Dec. 3) And Anna, I was bumming in a major way when you weren't at camp this summer and I'm going to have to insist that you make it to the teen weekend. In fact I'm going to have to request that everyone do their best to attend the teen weekend.

Much Love,
Lindsay W

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September 16th, 2004

welokigeneral @ 10:56 pm: I'm all about this journal thing
Well, it's taken me long enough to figure out how to get onto this livejournal thing, and I hope it goes through. My computer is from 1984 before anyone understood anything about computers... okay, maybe not, but it sure feels like it when it keeps shutting down on me.

HELLO!!! Anna Agniel here, and I'm so sad I missed camp this summer. I'm afraid the ugly real world got the best of me between rehearsing for a play and working, and I couldn't break away from Chicago. Sad. sad times for me. But it won't happen again! I'm bound and determined to be at camp next summer come hell or high water. Anywho... what's new in my life? the most up-to-date information is this: I'm living in Chicago, have been for the past year since I graduated from college, and i'm loving it. I had breakfast with Whitney and Justin Fink a few weeks ago and it was sooo good to see them both. I just closed a production of "metamorphosis" that I was acting in and I'm glad to say that it's done. It was fun while it lasted but I'm in need of a break. it was quite a depressing show. And next weekend, I'm fulfilling my dream of getting my solo performance piece performed here in Chicago. I wrote, directed it and will act in it myself. It's a story about my sister, Mary Kate, and it's a piece that's near and dear to my heart. So, it's getting a professional debut here next Saturday; please keep your fingers crossed for me and send loads of love on the 25th! (Whitney, if you're able to make it into the city, I'd love to see you. If not, we will get together once that's over, because my life will slow down considerably after that.)

I've also just recently decided to move apartments, so my life's in a bit of upheavel.

Other than that, all is well. If any of you crazy weloki kids are going to be in Chicago, please give me a call 773.860.7666.

Q, oh how i miss you! I love your idea about starting some kind of organized activity or event to help other people out, and if there's anything I can do all the way from Chicago, please let me know.

I'm going to look at the weekend dates again, because if there's any way for me to get to St. Louis, I'd love to come connect and hug and laugh and cry with everyone.

I miss you guys a lot, you were on my mind all summer, and you're still on my mind. I send lots of love and laughter,

Anna Agniel

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September 13th, 2004

two2prsuspendrs @ 11:54 pm: um i have no idea if im doing this right or anything, ive never been a livejournaler but i got really excited when i found the weloki page. yay! lindsey why didnt you tell me about this? anyway i hope everyone is well and will be making it to the weekends...i know i will.
lauren o'niell

September 12th, 2004

simplromance @ 12:10 pm: I think it would be a good idea to do like a food drive or whatever but also expand a scholarship fund for camp because i know alot of people would love to come to camp but cant afford it so maybe we could raise money for that.

but that would need the jordan approval


loserartgirl @ 09:09 am: charity thing
Ok Q I have 5 words for you: THE SCREW-DRIVER PEOPLE GO DOWN....

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September 11th, 2004

welokigeneral @ 07:56 pm: welcome to Q land
hi all. i figure by now that everyone has said everything that has needed to be said about how awesomely amazing this is. so im not gonna go there. we all know this is the best idea any single weloki individual has ever had in the history of mankind ever. even the cotton gin looks meager and lame to welokigeneral on livejournal.com. so i thought since this is my first of many livejournal entries i thought i would spice it up a bit. now i know what you all are thinking, how could you possibly do something like that Q? isnt this spicy enough? and the answer to that question is NO. it isnt. well leave it up to me to make this a jalapeno sandwich.

i figure since it is easier than ever now to stay together we should do something as weloki for the community, for the betterment of society of today. think about it. if youre like me, you love weloki and you love to help out the world in any way you can. therefore i propose that we set up a weloki foundation of sorts to give back to the community even when it isnt summertime and we cant eat marsha's food. interested? good. i thought you all would be.

here is where you all can help. i need feedback. if we can brainstorm here on livejournal, come up with ideas (i.e. collections, can food drives, raising money for the homeless, etc,) i feel we can really get the ball rolling and start something amazing. this to me is exciting. when i am away from camp all year, i have felt in the past that i haven't given enough back to my community and i want that to be different in the years to come. i always want to be in service and helping humanity anyway i can. i love what we create when we are at camp and i started to think, why not try and create something else when we are away. it will not only keep us together and more connected, but it will also be serving a common purpose as well. and i feel it will make camp an even more loving, connected environment when we are together because we won't be coming together again, we never really left in the first place. this idea came to me today when i logged on and saw all the people who have already posted and i started to think, whitney could really be on to something. so i propose that we start right away and take action. let us begin to help the world out the way weloki knows how. my email address is jeffreyq2000@yahoo.com and my CELL phone number is 314-484-6941. feel free to write me or call me anytime about anything even if you just want to talk to someone as cool and hip as yours truly. thank you all for your ideas and love, and i cant wait to see what we come up with.

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September 7th, 2004

loserartgirl @ 03:53 pm: I miss everyone...
Hey ya'll. Its so aweosme to be able to keep in touch like this. Im so happy to hear everyone is doing great... ERN- i've tried to get a hold of you, but im so glad to hear your having fun at college! Well lets see, I havent been up to too much lately (just school and friends and extracurriculars). Well, I jsut wanted to say hey real quick before i left to go to field hockey game.

Email me sometime...koqt2487@yahoo.com


p.s. Linsey O. - I MISS YOU!!! We need to get in touch!

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