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September 7th, 2004

lindseyo_pyro @ 01:04 pm: At school.....
Ok well I made a really long entry like 2 minutes ago and my internet conneciton decided to spaz, so oops, that really sucks. Well pretty much I have either been at school, doing homework, or playing soccer. Erin -- I have been trying to get a hold of you! I hope you're having lots of fun at college! that goes to eveyrone else at college. I was also writing something with the word guys in it, like ok by guys, and accidentally wrote guts and thought that was pretty funny. but anyway, I will write again when my fingers aren't tired. ahhhhhh that makes me angry, I hate my school's internet connection!!

email me sometime, I check it all day b/c we have to have laptops at school (loniell@st-agnes.org)


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September 6th, 2004

ern1120 @ 11:44 pm: what up??
Well this isn't the nature hike, puppy pile kinda connection now is it?!?!?! it is totally awesome! i just wanted to say hi to everyone and i hope they are doing wonderful. i am loving college and everything about it. there is so much to do here its crazy!!!!! i have a job, but i didn't have to lie like adam did to get it!!! basically im a preschool teacher 2 days a week for kids in lower class homes. i am so excited! and i am a sorority girl! Yes, little erin mattie joined a sorority. i am a Chi Omega, the same one as colleen and Susan. were all sisters!! But anyhow.....i want to come to a weekend this semester so let me know which one ya'll are going to. and if you read this leilani i have been trying to get a hold of you!! i miss all of you and love you!!

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simplromance @ 03:16 pm: word homeys, i was straight up trippin saying i was all gonna be up in the today show, its good morning america, so my posse better bbck me up on dis one and check it yo, word.

adwy7d @ 11:57 am: yo yo home slices
Hey Everyone.

Despite my extreme computer savyness I don't really know if this one is going to come out right. It was a little confusing how to post on the actual weloki site, I mean come on, I'm no "Tim Jordan tech. expert" here!! Cool idea Whitney, Thanks for creating this wonderful live journal community where all of our loved ones can come to share and experience each other via the wonderous world of (record scratch)....So, what's new with Adam. Well, I'll keep it short and sweet. One new life lesson that I learned is this: When you can't get something you want, just lie so that you can. Thats right...get the kiddies some paper and pens so they can write that down. Now some of you might be throwing your arms up and saying... "Adam, what are you doing!!! OH GOD!!! HE'S GONE STRAIGHT TO THE DEVIL!!!" Now, Now, give me a second to explain.

Recently I turned in a number of job applications to local restaurants around columbia. time passes and I, eagerly awaiting a call back, started to get nervous about actually getting one of these waiting jobs where you make oodles of money. The Plan: Fabricate an intricate, false, extensive resume of waiting experience derived from multiple countries(no reference check). I mean come on, if I can make children cry for 3 weeks out of the summer, I can surely carry a tray of Linguine Primavera across a room. And I would have told them that if there was a section for that on the application. Well, they gave me the job without an interview, although I was really scared my first day of "training". Everyone would say, "hey, have you served before?" and I would say "Yeah, but not with the uh...Computer stuff...or the uh......trays of food or drinks. We would just stack 'em up on our arms...Haa" Somehow I made it through the complicated path of whistle-blowers and now I am enjoying the fruits of my labor at the Pasta Factory.

Moral of the story: Lies get you what you want. Honesty is for suckers and big talkers.

This is Adam Wisneski signing out from a more enlightened platform. Have a nice day.

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uritalmor @ 10:21 am: cool
Thanks for doing this Whitney. You go girl.

simplromance @ 10:32 am: attn: i whitney fink will be on the today show with diane sawyre tomorrrow at 7 am i think or 645 for the energy burst which is dance my mom does at her office everyday, if i am not on it my mom and her company will so watch that tomorrow!

September 5th, 2004

welokigeneral @ 02:07 am: It's the way I live my life; I grip it and I rip it.
Hey y'all! Well now this is just all kinds of fun... anyway I was driving home from doing laundry at Randy's (aka RC's) when I had the privilege of hearing not only The Duff's new single, but some Ashlee Simpson action as well. My life is definitely complete. I also decided that buying the Ashlee Simpson cd is going on my "list of things to buy when I actually have money again" list. Things are going well here in the ATL I have a new job I'm a server at Wolfgang Puck Express, and I started classes again. Going from not having a job or being in school to doing both is somewhat of a challenge in the time management department, but I'm sure I'll work out a schedule that includes, work, school, studying, and Lindsay-time soon enough.

September 3rd, 2004

simplromance @ 04:17 pm: This is awsome everyone Im so glad this worked!

bluzfan @ 12:01 pm: Hi everyone
Whitney this was a great idea! Thanks for sending out the info. Things in my life are going a bit slow right now. I'm waiting for an interview for a job but thats not for another two weeks so until then I'm sending out resumes but I'm getting really tired of it because it is very tedious. I have confidence that I will get this job so I'm doing a lot better then when I didn't have any employers call me for an interview. I hope that everybody is doing well.

leilanimae @ 11:47 am: Hello!
Hi Weloki family!

This is Leilani! I hope all is going well. Andrew and I are trying to figure out which weekends we will be coming to. Does anyone know yet?

I love you all and plan to check back frequently.

Love and Peace

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